Young artists are invited to cooperate and participate in the international project "The Baltic wild walls 2018".

The project is due to be realized between the 25th of June and the 7th of July, 2018, in Lithuanian towns Zarasai and Visaginas. The project will accommodate 20 students and the young artists from Lithuania and Latvia.


The Purpose

The project aims to connect the approaches of artists from Lithuania and Latvia in one shared space by producing a collaborative painting works.

The Objectives

  • Bring together a motivated and ambitious project team.

  • Create 2 wall painting works.

The Project Details

In the first stage of the project, the participants will connect through Facebook group "The Baltic wild walls" (the group is active already) and get familiar with the visual images of the project topic.


Event Details

The First Part - Seminar

The goal of the seminar is to analyze how the pop culture reflects on the identity symbols of Lithuania and Latvia. We will discuss a concept of a contemporary Baltic identity and artistic approaches to the Baltic culture in the modern society. By the end of the seminar, we will agree on the ideas and solutions, which will serve as a concept for the painting works.

The Second Part - Workshop/Sketching

During the workshop, we will produce the wall painting sketches, participate in the discussion, make a final decision and the final version of the sketches.

The Third Part - Implementation

Over the implementation part, produced concepts and sketches will be moved onto the building walls in the chosen public spaces. During the project, we will organize a wall opening evening of the final paintings and many activities such as an MC, DJ and beatbox sessions, trips around Zarasai and Visaginas areas, sport and street dance competitions.

The project is organized by Zilvinas Danys and Vilnius Academy of Arts in collaboration with Latvian Academy of Art. For the selected project participants: accommodation, food and painting equipment is offered free of charge.

How to Participate

If you are interested in participating, send the following information to
1. Your first and last name
2. Specialty (and a year, if you are a student)
3. Area of interest
4. Short statement of your motivation - why you are interested in participating

Registration is open until the 10th of June. Priority is given to participants who will register early

Photos from 2017 "The Baltic Wild Walls" available at