Project “Sun Creativity Camp”

Time: August 1 – 7, 2016

Place: Zarasai area, Duburiai village

Participants: students from Vilnius Art Academy, Latvia Art Academy,  young artists, folklorists and scientists from Lithuania, Latvia, Columbia and Spain

Organizer: Žilvinas Danys

Photos from previous camps are available at


About the project:

A week-long creativity camps organised by artists are continually happening in Zarasai area countryside for the past 5 years. The project creates an authentic environment to discuss and interpret the history and traditions. Each year it invites ethnologists, young artists and folklorists to work together for one week as a community. The project has a new theme each year and consists of various happenings such as the lection of Baltic mythology, singing Lithuanian and Latvian folk songs,  as well as workshops (ceramic, wood, textile sculpture, Straw Garden workshops, etc.) with the final result – the happening-celebration connecting Baltic traditions, folk music, sculpture, land art and nature.

This year “Saule” (Sun) creative camp aims to connect young artists from Lithuania, Latvia and Spain, Columbia for a week-long project. The project is divided into three main parts: seminars and lectures, practical implementation of ideas and the happening-celebration.

1.      Part I. Seminars and lectures aim to analyse the Sun myths common in Lithuania and Latvia, as well ethnography, customs and traditions related with Sun. The lectures will be presented by Vytautas Tumėnas, Daiva Vaitkevičienė and Gediminas Žilys (languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian).

2.      Part II. Practical implementation of ideas consists of three days devoted to the interpretation of mythological images, traditions and folk symbols. The participants will divide into groups and start the implementation of concepts that have been constructed during the seminars and lectures.

3.      Part III. The happening-celebration will combine Lithuanian and Latvian folk music, also traditions, fire sculptures, land art, nature. The participants will be wearing Linen costumes which will be made during the camp. Celebration will continue until late evening. 

Moreover there will be various workshops available during the camp such as an open workshop of the ceramic molding and firing, the linen clothes sewing workshop, the wooden and the fire sculpture workshop. Will be sessions of folk songs singing (teacher Gediminas Žilys). 

Throughout the camp the participants are invited to work together as a community. The participants will be living in the countryside house, sauna second floor and campsite. All participants have to bring sleeping carpets and a sleeping bags. Participants will be sleeping on the sleeping carpets with the sleeping bags. Posible to be accommodated in the campsite with yout tent as well.

In the main house there is a shower with hot water, also outdoor bath on the campsite near the lake. The food will be made by the participants, participants in the kitchen changing every day. The campsite and food for participants available free of charge


If you’re interested in attending, please send your full name, area of interest or speciality-course, a phone number and email address  to

There will be a special bus for the participants going to the event, available free of charge. The bus leaves Vilnius Academy of Arts (old building parcking, Maironio st. 6, Vilnius ) on the 1 of August at 9am and comes back to Vilnius on the 7th of August at 4pm. Please let us know when you're filling the registration form if you'll be coming by bus so that we can reserve a seat for you. All the participants from Latvia will be contacted individually by email, there will be direct transport form Latvia Art Academy to the project site.